I am a high school student who loves to make things.

Aspiring graphic designer.

I love to do anyting and everything that involves technology and design. I am a very spatial and visual learner. I love to work hands-on and I am aware of objects and their relationships. Since about fourth grade, I have been fascinated about design. I remember being in elementary school and wondering what fonts my teachers would use. If it wasn't Times New Roman, it was the most wonderful font: Comic Sans. (Sarcasm implied).

A quick intro

I am curretnly learning a lot about graphic design, print design, and web design. I am (for the moment) not selling/taking any requests for services. I work almost exclusively in the Adobe application suite. I am investing a lot of time in web design, at the moment. I am learning about how to optimally lay out and create a website using HTML and CSS. I designed and developed this website myself, so you can tell me what you think!

I also like to mess around with PCs. I like to do a little casual gaming, but I am not competitive, not by a long shot, I am actually quite bad at the games I play. Other than that, I like to spend my time talking and spending time with my family and friends. I currently love to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS.

What I do


I like to take photos. A lot of them, too. Whether it is a photo of a sunset/sunrise, or an amazing thing that is happening around me, I am always ready to take a few shots. I do this as a hobby, and this is not my "main gig". I shoot on a Canon Rebel T5 or my iPhone X, which takes amazing photos.


I usually make videos that cover software releases, such as the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. I love to make videos, most of which I do "for fun" and do publish anywhere. I work mostly in Premiere.


Whether it is a logo for myself or a friend, a simple sign-up form, or a complex website, I love to make things. I use many different software suites and platforms. I work with web servers and Wordpress a lot for myself and other people.

My photography

Crescent Sun

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Fall is Beautiful

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Snowy Reflections

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