Hi! I am Lance.

I am a student that loves design and technology.

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I am a high school junior that loves to anything and everything that involves technology. Currently, I am doing a lot of design: HTML, CSS, logos, and such. I love to spend my spare time working on designs, most of them "demo" designs for fun. I am investing a lot of time into HTML and CSS. I am learning a lot along the way and I can design an entire website proficiently in HTML and CSS. I can handle most of the website-creation process myself, and (as all people do) I sometimes resort to the good-ol'-fashioned Google search for something I need to learn.

I also follow technology and build computers for fun. I love Android, but Prefer iPhones because Apple actually delivers on their promises with functional features. I love Macs but prefer Windows because I feel that it performs better and is more open. I am planning to go onto further education for computer science and plan to have a career in that field. The PC that I do everything on has an MSI Krait x3 motherboard, an i7-6700K processor, an EVGA 1070 8GB, and one SSD with Windows 10, and another SSD with Windows 7. I use Windows 10 mainly, but sometimes it is nice to use Windows 7, it is as stable as a mountain goat.

Other than that, I am a student in high school, so I do a lot of work for that. I love to watch Last Week Tonight on HBO, Designated Survivor on ABC, and The Late Show on CBS. You can sometimes catch me tweeting things about politics, so I am sorry if I don't agree with you.