I make things.

Websites, logos, business cards, documents, and more.

I can work with many different apps for many different needs. I currently know Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and some Premiere. I love to work on digital, web, and print design. I am currently putting a lot of effort into web design. I am learning a lot of languages that are almost required to design websites. I am proficient in HTML and CSS, and I have a basic understanding (and I am learning more) in JavaScript.

I can work with services such as Wordpress and Squarespace, and I will always recommend people use Squarespace over Wordpress. I feel that Squarespace has the best and simplest back-end for customers to use, and it has a lot of standard features that you would have to pay for plugins on Wordpress. Some of the designs below are "demonstration" designs that I did on my free time, and some are actual designs I worked on. If you click on the screenshots of websites, it will open them in a new tab for you to explore.

Business Card Demo Design #1
Business Card Demo Design #2
Business Card Demo Design #3
Page Demo Design #1
Page Demo Design #2
Web Design Demo #1


Here's what I do.

Design websites

I love to work on new websites, on various platforms. I can work with many different web platforms and content management systems. I mainly work with Squarespace and Wix for templated websites, and HTML and CSS for most of the projects I do. I love to edit the code directly, and get exactly the result I want, templates can never be exactly what you want.

Manage websites

I can take existing websites, transfer them to new hosting, and work with the back-end of them to bring them up date and more secure. I work with Bluehost and Wordpress, but I can use other services.


I do a lot of print design, such as brochures, forms, and documents.

I am not currently accepting requests for work. I am working only for family and friends, sorry.